Hi Chris.

With great pleasure I inform you that mr Mauro Braghieri won the gold metal class Offshore 15cc with yours 457/3 modded! he tested also the 460/3: the prop is too fast ...for this type of water

Thank you! for the excellent job.

luciano marazzi team Italia hull: Delta Force engine: CMB 15 vac prop: dasboata x457/3 modded.

Man that last prop I got from you is soooo nice, works reallly good on the hydro all so better than any I have tried and makes the cat really fly. Thank you sooo much.

Gary the vw guy signature.

Just wanted to let you know that I tried the ABC 2818 two blade you made for me on my gas rigger last weekend. The prop did great. I had an ABC 2916 two blade that ran faster, but I liked the way your prop pulled through the corners better. My brain needs to catch up to the speed of the boat............ Beautiful work on the prop! I can appreciate the amount of work that goes into doing just one prop. Thanks for doing what you do for all of us in this hobby."

Dick Tyndall

This is from David Showers or Microburst boats. David said the last prop you did was the best one yet for the twin. They radar it at 90 mph in open water at voodoo, race trim. When we get the shafts I will let you know & we will get another prop. Next race will be winternats end of Jan hope to get shafts soon & test. Planning to go to Huntsville saw trials in April. Thanks for all the help in 2011 & looking forward to next year. Happy holidays to you & your family. Thanks.

Nitro Donnie.

Hello Chris:
I was able to try the 2716 20 Degree Prop you sent me on my Insane G3 Hydro. WOW!! what a difference. Compared to the recommended prop, your prop is a world of difference. The motor revs up and the boat rocks! Also there is no hopping in the corners and acceleration is outstanding.
Thanks for the fast service and quality work.
Wayne Watt

Hi Chris,
I have to say OMG with the pros! The boat lovit… The Lazer from 58.5 MPh now is running 61.2. I really appreciate your great work…. Thanks a lot!
Luis Ayala

Hello guys.....

Just to let you know that we got first place in the GX Mono Class at the Orlando Winter Nats. Thanks to all of you for your support. Really apreciated. Its my pleasure to run your brand and products....Fourth heats. Three of them first place and the last heat second.

MIKE Suicidal Engine. CHRIS Props. DON for the D9 pipe.

Now looking foward to go to las Vegas in October.

Regards - Luis Ayala

I tested the props on the S45 mono last night, initially in choppy water then it calmed off so was able to get a good test session in.

Well I have to say I am seriously impressed. I was skeptical prior to testing as I have been shaping and modifying my own props for a few years but the speed increase and handling of these props is far superior that anything I have done. It was money well spent.

I will be investing through you again,


Chris-I just wanted to thank you. I have a stock 55ss Shockwave and the Pranther 275 stainless was to much prop so you reduced the size and did a texas cut. My boat now is way faster then my stock 270. I sent my Octura x572 to Props4u and it does not look or perform like your prop-wish I had sent it to you instead. Thanks-and I will go on the forums to sing your praises

Hello Chris and Jeannie.

I just wanted to thank you for the prop that you rushed to me last week. My son and I raced the boat this past weekend and it ran extremely well. There is no doubt the boat was faster with this new prop. You could visually see that the boat was running several miles per hour quicker than it has ever run before. Thank you so much for your help and guidance in choosing a prop. I will definitely be contacting you in the future for additional custom props.

Thanks again, Steve Lehnert.
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